A roundup of cool Glitch Art from around the web

The machines are malfunctioning. Images aren’t loading correctly, data is being corrupted and some downright shitty pixels are being chucked up on screen. Fortunately though for those who can appreciate Glitch Art, this is not only a beautiful fault, but a manageable process which can be used to create thought-provoking works of high-tech art.


From: Rob Sheridan ( rob-sheridan.com )

It’s impossible to look for glitch art on the web without coming across something by Rob Sheridan. As Creative Director for the band Nine Inch Nails for a number of years, his subvertive, uncomfortable imagery has been used on album covers, music videos and websites since 1999. The example above is from his work for the band How To Destroy Angels but is only one of many amazing images available for viewing on his website.


From: Laveau ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/notlaveau/ ), based on photo by Kate Bellem ( http://www.katebellm.com/ )

The original photo used to create this glitch was already a particularly striking image, but this has proved to be such an interesting choice due to the fact that you can’t tell what is actually real and what is malfunction…


From: Dustyn Lyon ( http://dustynlyon.tumblr.com/ )

You know the great thing about curves? They cast a shadow. And you know the great thing about shadows? They can be glitched out into their component colours.


From: Charles Strebor ( http://rantz.me/ )

It looks like the Cyber-bird has tripped out of it’s tree again. Always amazes me how the video transmission is the last thing to go in those things…


From: Jessica Fenlon ( http://www.drawclose.com/ )

From her “ungun” project, Jessica’s glitched-out image is immediately recognisable as a handgun despite the majority of the detail and shape having been digitally destroyed – proving the human brain is great at filling in the gaps when the original object is something so familiar.


From: David Szauder ( http://pixelnoizz.wordpress.com/ )

Description from the artist: “one day mr wolf wrote down too much numbers. when his memory was decoded the same numbers somehow modified his fragments.”


From: Estera Lazowska ( http://www.esteralazowska.com/ )

Finally a synthesiser which looks the same way it sounds! How can the control panel chrome have that fabric-like texture? How can the readouts look like they’re pained on? And why has this transmission broken down into a digital mess of thread-thin cyan scratches? Must be a glitch.


From: Adam White ( http://cartilag.es/ )

At first glance you might think these buildings hadn’t grown properly and that their dead trunks weren’t strong enough to support the living heads any more. On closer inspection though you can see that it is in fact a glitched photo – look for those telltale swipes of over saturated colour in the sky.

Update: Honorary mention

From: Rob Milus ( http://robmilus.tumblr.com/ )

We discovered the extremely talented Rob Milus after publishing this article and could absolutely not go without making an update to show you this video he made which has clearly been influenced by Rob Sheridan’s style of art.

  • Charles Strebor

    Thank you for sharing my glitch.

    • scifimethods

      You’re welcome, Charles… thanks for doing what you do!