Japanese scifi novel “All You Need Is Kill” being adapted as “Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise

The next phase of Tom Cruise’s mission on earth (to be in all scifi films) will proceed with “Edge of Tomorrow”, which is scheduled for release in June 2014. Whereas his last scifi outing “Oblivion” wasn’t terrible, it certainly wasn’t particularly memorable as a scifi story. Edge Of Tomorrow, however, has got us quite excited right from the start, for a number of reasons.

Originally announced as “All You Need Is Kill”, it is based on a Japanese novel of that name by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The book tells the story of a newly recruited soldier fighting a war on futuristic earth against alien invaders (boring, I know, but bear with me here). The book was praised by geeks for Sakurazaka’s attention to small detail in bringing to life the world and military technology of the story – which luckily is mainly giant mech-suits with mounted weapons. As real military contractors have actually been developing this type of technology for years, it’s no surprise that the trend which started with the infamous “Loader” in the Aliens film is still going strong. Looking at the images below, the “Gears Of War” game franchise would appear to be an influence in the design style.

Through some alien phenomenon, the protagonist is forced to live the same day over and over repeatedly, Groundhog Day-style. Except instead of using each relived day to seduce Andie MacDowell, he re-fights the same battles and develops his combat skills to become stronger and more cunning. Feedback on early footage at SDCC have likened the visual style to Paul Verhoeven’s “Starship Troopers”, which as far as we are concerned is definitely a good thing. Throw in that this is being directed by Doug Liman who made the first Jason Bourne film with Matt Damon, that Bill Paxton is co-starring, and our attention is definitely focused. See below for a selection of the most interesting images going around.







Filming takes place for the upcoming movie 'All You Need is Kill'