Leaked trailer for Terry Gilliam’s “The Zero Theorem” appears; dissapears

On Monday, the scifi news world was lit up by millions of nerds frantically sharing the YouTube link to a very early leaked trailer for Terry Gilliam’s new film, The Zero Theorem. Unfortunately the video was already removed from YouTube before we were able to share it, but if you are prepared to look hard enough, there will surely be some dark corner of the Internet where it can still be found.


Hardened Gilliam fans will know the director for not only his most successful film, Twelve Monkeys, but for his earlier visual masterpiece called Brazil. The great news is that The Zero Theorem seems to look a lot like Brazil’s darkly farcical steampunk-influenced Orwellian dystopia, but this time with a definite cyberpunk edge to it. There is a lot of a bald Christoph Waltz, who seems to be naked in a lot of the trailer as we are introduced to his world where he is a depressed code-breaker who becomes involved with a seductive Mélanie Thierry.

Update: We had to remove the screenshot which we had originally used from the footage, due to a DMCA takedown request from Voltage Pictures and have replaced it with this pic of Terry Gilliam. Sorry guys.